Craft beer, classics and sours from the Flemish Ardennes

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The short story

Rolling Hills Brewing Company is a future-oriented and creative microbrewery from the Flemish Ardennes with a strong grounding in the region, history and nature. A new generation is brewing the monuments of yore once more while at the same time exploring exciting new beer styles.

The old monuments are mythical sour beers, that have been brewed in our region over the centuries. With our modern recipes, we want to form the link between the old world and the craft revolution. Patience and know- how meet the urge to explore and a dash of excentricity.


Karel: Nestor, businessman and rabbit breeder in heart and soul.
Edward: Engineer, brewer and druid.
Antoon: The silent force, solid gold sportsman and self-proclaimed handyman.


The long story?

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